The optimisation for digital change is increasingly important in this modern landscape. As the world of instant gratification speeds up and the expectations of customers become more demanding on instant results we help take those current challenges and implement digital solutions and technology that solves them, particularly when it comes to data management, marketing and automation. 

An example:

Restaurant Table booking service.

The current method is to phone or email to make a reservation and is recorded in a diary. This requires the time and attention of a staff member. Bookings are missed because of busy staff not being able to pick up the phone and/or errors made in emails, and the customer experience is slow and unsatisfactory. 

The problems: 

Time intensive 

Poor data management 

Bad customer experience 


Using restaurant management software and easing implementation into the business by training staff on how to use it. Customers can now make bookings using an online reservation on the restaurant's website or socials as well as adding preferences and dietary requirements. This is a quick process that shows availability to the customer and improves user experience, it removes the time needed for a staff member to answer the phone or emails allowing them to focus on their tasks at hand. It allows customer data to be recorded confidentially and accessed by team members that need it. Customers get text and email reminders of the reservation to avoid no shows. 

Other added bonuses of taking this old operation process digital 

  • Reservations can have marketing permissions to allow for customer data to be recorded for future promotions. 
  • Customer profiles allow the restaurant to recognise repeat customers, dietary requirements and complaints to improve on service as well as provide a personal touch.
  • Multiple staff members can access the data relevant to them, e.g a chef can access that table's dietary requirements. 
  • Email & SMS data collection allows reminders to avoid the cost of no shows as well as being able to inform multiple customers of an update at once, e.g emergency close due to weather. 
  • Reports, as servers can check-in reservations and see how many are on time, late or early as well as a POS integration reports allow a holistic overview on how the restaurant bookings are made, e.g in house vs online as well as spend per cover and be able to track busier periods during that day or month.

Examples of optimisations we work on: 

Sales funnels 

Marketing automation 

Software and connectivity automation

POS (Point of sale) systems 

CRM (Customer relation management) software 

Event Management Software 

App Development