Paid Advertising

PPC (Pay Per Click) & Social Media Ads are a way to target specific audiences with the message you need to deliver in the media format that makes the most sense. Pay per click advertising means you only pay when a user clicks an advert.

There are some other ways these campaigns can be set up that may be a better fit for the objectives such as Google Display (CPA). This means the account will be billed per conversion event rather than CPC. For example, if a Target CPA (Cost per acquisition) is set to £15 and you get 10 conversions during a month the total cost would be £150.

Why Use Paid Ads?

Paid advertising allows you to increase the key metrics of your businesses sustainably, as all metrics can be tracked it's an efficient way to predict and analyse the ROI. It's one of the best ways online to increase growth. We like to think of it as digital real estate. If you built a brick and mortar store in the middle of a remote area with no passing traffic or people you wouldn't get many visits. Que paid ads. These are the infrastructure, the roads, buses, cars connecting traffic to the street your business is on. Each Google ad search query is a new traffic source or road connecting to your business online. An Instagram story ad is a reminder you are on the map!

Increasingly Social Media platforms are becoming 'pay to play' and getting a message out to consumers organically becomes more difficult and time-intensive. Paid ads are a great way to bring back control.

There are many search and social platforms that offer paid advertising services and there is not a one shoe fits all. The best way to work out where to best find your audience is to reverse engineer your customer journey.

Each platform offers a campaign structure. There are different types of campaign objectives based on the platform used but the most common are the following:

Brand Awareness
Lead Generation

When working with us we will discuss the targets and goals you are trying to achieve as a business within a strategy session. We will then create a bespoke plan that includes campaigns with the correct objectives to help meet those goals.